Thursday, April 26, 2007

Graham's 6 Grapes Reserve Port

As you will probably have guessed by now I like most alcoholic drinks and Port is another one of my favourites although I do not pretend to know anything about it! I do know that my house mate protests that I should not drink it like wine and that I am a certain candidate for gout!

Thing is though when you are used to drinking cask strength whisky 20% port is like drinking wine!

This bottle was bought for me at Christmas by a good friend and drinking buddy I am amazed that it has lasted this long - as will he be!

Anyway enough of the rambling this is a very decent drinking port and is very concentrated with rich fruity flavours and a clawing rich mouthfeel with a creamy finish and then a touch of warmth.

I can not really score this as my port-ommitter isn't up to scratch would say an 87 / 100 if pushed.

What I would say is I would certainly look out for this again when buying port again. Cheers mate.

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