Thursday, May 20, 2010

Ardbeg Double Barrel - Back with a bang

Well I have not been on here for a long long time so thought I would come back with a bang! Oh so many puns. Anyway I got the chance to the Ardbeg Double Barrel 1974. I was quite excited but I think I may have been put off a bit by the price. I have a small sample of each of them left so will try them again and see if I change my opinion. So here goes

Ardbeg 1974 Cask 3528 44.3%

Nose: initially very fruity, before the smoke grabs you. But then it disappears and becomes softer, smoked cheese maybe? Very soft tropical fruits.

Taste: Big wet ash hits you, some soft lime notes and a salty creaminess.

Finish: Lots of smoked cheese, a whiff of oil and pancetta

Comment a bloody good dram although a little one dimensional, I feel a little let down buy this due to the cost.

Score 88/100

Ardbeg 1974 Cask 3160 49%

Nose: Softer on the nose than the other cask. A creamy white chocolate note, gooseberries, and soft dull peat smoke.

Taste: Bigger on the taste, much more smokey and drier and with a hint of green chillies mixed with lime. Also soft custard creams.

Finish: long – bloody long, very industrial harbour and very dry. Also a faint hint of oranges.

Comment: Again a bloody good dram with a bit more to it than cask 3160

Score 89/100

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Too Long

Once again I have neglected this site! I will try and get some new posts up and running again soon. So watch this space. It is my intention to get back on top of whisky again and start tasting more often - well to take notes whilst tasting again!