Monday, July 21, 2008

Single & Single New Independent Bottler? Maybe...

This is a new independent bottler - whisky grotto introduces it and tells us that it is the "brainchild of armchair bottler Yossi Schwarts" who I must admit isn't someone I have heard of. I wish him luck however I am a little confussed by looking at the label a little closer. This says that it is selected by Milroys of Soho and bottled by A Dewar Rattary.

So who does pull the strings in this Glencadam bottle - maybe it should be called single single and single! Is it Yossi, Milroys or Dewar Rattary!

Glenmorangie LaSanta 46%

The new sherry wood finish from Glenmorangie - now know as Extra Matured as alledgedly consumers didn't understand what sherry finish meant! This whisky has been finished in oloroso sherry casks for 2 years. The good news is that it is bottled at 46% ABV and is non-chilfiltred.

Have tried to stay away from the obvious christmas tasting notes that the Santa Claus name suggests.

Nose: Custard creams, but also covered in raisans, maybe some cherries and some chocolate, water makes it drier.

Taste: Thick, you can feel the raisans and creaminess come through, much bigger in the mouthfeel.

Finish: Still a little dry especially with water. But also more cream notes.

Comment: Not a bad dram benefits from being non chilfiltered helps but the dryness lets it down a wee bit. On a session I could drink a lot of this.

For alternative aka better reviews please visit Dr Whisky , Whiskyfun and Whisky Pages.

Score: 88/100

Price Check

Royal Mile Whiskies - £31.50
Loch Fyne Whiskies - £31.90
The Whisky Exchange - £31.49
Single Malts Direct - £29.99

Tullibardine Not For Sale - Unless you Offer!

An article in the Scotland on Sunday reveals that Tullibardine distillery could be up for sale. Although the directors are stating that there is no for sale sign up - that they are listening to offers.

The paper quotes a figure of £15million for the distillery - I would say this seems a bit cheap - however if it includes the retail complex next to it then maybe not?

Will be one to watch - interestingly I drove past the distillery yesterday and there were no signs up adverting the distillery?

Definately one to watch.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Latest Daft Finish - Cling Film Cask Finish

A report in the Daily Record confirms that Diageo for the past 5 years or so have been experimenting with covering casks in plastic wrap - to prevent the angels share being so high. This makes me laugh because often when I have tasted an old whisky that has had a very high ABV I have often joked the "the cask must have been wrapped in clingfilm!"

They say that experiments are not on going but that the feel that it does not affect the flavour - this I doubt very much however I would imagine that Diageo would prefer to keep this experiment quiet. Come to think of it in a day and age when everyone is eco-friendly and keeping their carbon foot print down as much as possible - how enviromental friendly is plastic wrap!

Anyway the real question is who will be the first which company will be the first to release a limited edition cling film cask finish. I would say you would get short odds on Bruichladdich, Arran, Benriach or Glenmorangie. Now whats Gaelic or Latin for Cling Film!

Glenmorangie Original

I recently got the chance to try several of the new Glenmorangie range. I have to say that I am not a fan of this new bottling range but at the end of the day you don't drink the packaging! To be honest me as a typical male Scot that likes my whisky and a pint and is not adverse to a fish supper or a plate of mince and tatties I am probably not the clientele LVMH have in mind.

I quite liked the old 10 year old as an everyday drinker so lets see how this fairs:

Nose: Cheap yellow (school lunch) ice cream and custard creams, milk chocolate and tangerines. A little waxiness and with water it becomes a little dusty with soft custard creams.

Taste: Smooth and light and a little bit dry aswell. a faint hint of spice (maybe cloves) and then a orangey note.

Finish: The dryness in the finish of this just lets it down a little bit - still soft and pleasent but a little bit more musty fruits in grocers story than sparkly zesty sherbet that I expected.

Commnet: If it wasn't for the finish this would be an excellent whisky - overall still a bloody good easy drinking number.

Score: 84/100

For an alternative review please try Whiskyfun.


Royal Mile Whiskies - £27.50

The Whisky Exchange - £25.99

Loch Fyne Whiskies - £25.90

Single Malts Direct - £21.99

I'm Back!

Hi people, yeah I am back, yes I know I have been quiter than drwhisky of late! but least he has a good reason with getting a grown up job with Balvenie. Congratulations to him I wish him luck.
Any way I have a few posts to get caught up on so lets get started!