Saturday, May 26, 2007

Caol Ila 8yo Unpeated Style - 59.8%

I had heard of this "Highland Style" Caol Ila for some time so was glad to see that Diageo decided to release it in this cask strength form.
So here goes!
Nose: Sweet, creamy lots of vanilla and hints of unripe berries. Very creamy indeed like very rich cream sauce - this could go cracking with a steak! - or maybe i am just hungry! Also a touch of custard creams!
Taste: Not as fresh as the nose - a little bit dusty! doesn't taste like its cask strength - obvious creamy notes and a touch woody - i added a little water and there is a slight metallic taste with a touch of lemon bon-bons
Finish: Long, drying a touch coastalish and not much else!
Comments: Maybe I expected to much from this I must remember it is only an 8yo - but then I love Caol Ila's young 7-12yo I find are cracking ages, however the peating must just add that extra dimension that makes Caol Ila one of my favourite whiskies.
Score: A disappointing 80/100 would have loved this to have tasted as it nosed.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Longmorn 16 - nice packaging?

Well got a quick sniff of the new Longmorn 16yo tonight. Was looking forward to this but the reality is you are paying £50 for a 16yo at 48% abv no sorry you are paying £50 for a bit of extra metal, leather and a fancy box - what ever floats your boat I suppose! Anyway on to the tasting I will try and not let the hideous price increase and my love of the 15yo cloud my judgement too much.

Nose: quite a bit of perfume and a dryness comes out beyond the typical toffeeish Longmorn.

Taste: orange sherbert, touch woody and a little musty. More citrus notes.

Finish: funny - and not ha ha! Dry wood and more dusty sherbert notes. Ok but dissapointing.

Comment: maybe I am tasting this in a negative frame of mind. All in all not bad but not great - buy the 15 while you still can.

Score: 80/100