Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Longmorn 16 - nice packaging?

Well got a quick sniff of the new Longmorn 16yo tonight. Was looking forward to this but the reality is you are paying £50 for a 16yo at 48% abv no sorry you are paying £50 for a bit of extra metal, leather and a fancy box - what ever floats your boat I suppose! Anyway on to the tasting I will try and not let the hideous price increase and my love of the 15yo cloud my judgement too much.

Nose: quite a bit of perfume and a dryness comes out beyond the typical toffeeish Longmorn.

Taste: orange sherbert, touch woody and a little musty. More citrus notes.

Finish: funny - and not ha ha! Dry wood and more dusty sherbert notes. Ok but dissapointing.

Comment: maybe I am tasting this in a negative frame of mind. All in all not bad but not great - buy the 15 while you still can.

Score: 80/100

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