Monday, February 09, 2009

The Drammies

The Drammie Nominations from the excellent Scotch Blog have been announced make sure that you cast your vote. Intresting that the Benriach Famagusta have been nominated as most inovative products after what I said the other day. I do love the whiskies just I struggle with the names!

Get voting!

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

GlenDronach to team up with Phil Collins

Ok so I made that bit up. But Glendronach are to be releasing a non-age statement whisky called GlenDronach Genesis! A strange name but then not as strange as some of the names that have came out of now sister distillery BenRiach such as the Anorthisis Famagusta bottling. Ok so I made that one up too and I know it would wind up the Rangers daft Walker from BenRiach as I remember a certain Illian Kirakov running rings round Rangers in a European game, shame he didn't do that when he played for Aberdeen. Anyway I digress....

One other thing that seems to becoming clear is that GlenDronach will follow in BenRiach's footsteps by putting an absolutely pointless capital letter in the middle of the distillery name. I wonder what other distilleries could do this, EdraDour springs to mind....
Anyway can't wait for the new Glendronach's to come out should be some belters.