Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Blackford Ale

Just tried the Blackford Ale from Tullibardine http://www.tullibardine.com/shop.aspx at nearly £4.00 a bottle its not cheap but at least it is a "true" whisky beer unlike the stunning Innes and Gunn in that this is matured in casks which has previously contained Tullibardine Whisky. You certainly get the taste of the whisky coming through a bit like the traditional hauf and hauf - when the remainder of a whisky has been poured into a beer glass. I have to say that I don't overly rate this beer as much as I wanted to... there seems to be an over sweetness which is probably due to the wood maturation. The whisky flavour comes through but I would say if you can tell that it is Tullibardine then you have an amazing sense of taste and smell. I feel that the sweet whiskyish taste that comes through on the finish is just a little bit over powering and a little bit fake. All in all not my favourite glad to have tried it but far prefer the Innes & Gunn and at nearly £4 a bottle I wont be rushing out to buy any more.


Following a bursting attempt at getting this blog running last year I am going to try and get it going again - hopefully this time I will last a bit longer.

Looking forward to blethering!!!