Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Latest Daft Finish - Cling Film Cask Finish

A report in the Daily Record confirms that Diageo for the past 5 years or so have been experimenting with covering casks in plastic wrap - to prevent the angels share being so high. This makes me laugh because often when I have tasted an old whisky that has had a very high ABV I have often joked the "the cask must have been wrapped in clingfilm!"

They say that experiments are not on going but that the feel that it does not affect the flavour - this I doubt very much however I would imagine that Diageo would prefer to keep this experiment quiet. Come to think of it in a day and age when everyone is eco-friendly and keeping their carbon foot print down as much as possible - how enviromental friendly is plastic wrap!

Anyway the real question is who will be the first which company will be the first to release a limited edition cling film cask finish. I would say you would get short odds on Bruichladdich, Arran, Benriach or Glenmorangie. Now whats Gaelic or Latin for Cling Film!

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Hmm i dont like the thought of that!