Thursday, April 26, 2007

Caol Ila 1993 Distillers Edition

I have been curious to try this since I heard it was coming out so I was glad to see it in my local last night so gave it a bash. Must admit though that I had partaken in several pints of Guiness before sampling so perhaps taste buds were not at there best! Any way this 1993 Caol Ila has been finished for 6 months in Dark Moscatel casks.

Here is what I thought last night!

Nose: Almost smells pink! A bit bigger than a standard Caol Ila but has a nose of raspberry jam as well.

Taste: Taste is not so big. Touch of orange and peat. Quite oily would maybe mistake it for a soft lagavulin. A little metallic actually I like it though.

Finish: Quite a short finish for an Islay

Comment: I like it but maybe the Moscatel dominates a little to much and dulls the Caol Ila character a little.

Score 87/100

Will try again when not already three sheets to the wind and will re-evaluate. Could be interesting!

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