Monday, July 02, 2007

Greene King Hop Beer 5% (AKA Butt plug bottle!)

Bought a bottle of this in Tesco tonight it was formerly known as The Beer to Dine for. Thought that I would give it a go, not bad wee beer but nothing great fairly easy going, touch of citrus notes and a bit of a bitter after taste: They recommend drinking it with slightly spicy food with a touch of sheer coincidence I finished it along with a Chicken Biriyani and to be honest it did improve a bit giving off slightly creamery notes.

Very much a session beer for drinking on a hot summers day with a bit of spicy food. If had to rate it then I would say about a 7/10.

Interestingly on the Greene King website they do not mention this beer - may be as some of the stuff I found on this beer on the internet people were complaining that Greene King perhaps have chickened out and went to far down the commercial route!

The best quote I found on the internet about this though came from

"Comes in a bottle that looks like a butt plug, so my expectations weren’t very high." - Classic!

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