Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Adelphi Glen Elgin 1991 Cask 2599

A new bottling of Glen Elgin 16yo from Adelphi presumably from a sherry butt as it is one of 566 bottles bottled at 55.1% - the dark colour also gives the sherry away!!!! Must pay homage to all companies that don't mask everything with caramel! (Actually I don't mind caramel colouring too much for "consistency" purposes but it's people who try and hide it that really piss me off!

Anyway enough rambling lets taste!

Nose: Big sherry rum and raisin notes, and a little meaty note.

Taste: Again big sherry and slight toffee notes. Like warm caramel sauce on "yellow" vanilla ice cream with a hint of chocolate!

Finish: Not to long for something so richly flavoured - coats the side of the mouth and lingers there but short otherwise.

Comment: A very pleasant dram - maybe that is the only thing wrong with it - its pleasant and yes I would happily drink this again and again but its not something amazing.

Score: 86/100 recommendable!

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