Thursday, July 12, 2007

Adelphi Glenrothes 2000 Cask 2413 56.5%

Right enough of this re-typing story malarky lets have a whisky - this one should be good! One of my favourite distilleries Glenrothes and this bottling is from Adelphi, although Adelphi bottlings tend to be expensive they also tend to be bloody good!
Their notes on this 6yo Cask strength glenrothes can be found here:
So lets see what my notes are - First thing I have to say is that for 6 years this dram has a cracking mahogany colour with a red hue about it! Anyway here goes:
Nose: Rich, obvious sherry and a meaty note like a roasting tin! Raisans, a touch of cream and malt loaf and butter
Taste: Big, big, big! Initially difficult to pin down on this one! has the big sherry character - almost verging on bad but still staying on the edge, of rich chocolate, a "red" note - god I wish I knew what that was! and verging on balloons but in a good way.
Finish: The finish is again big - a little to much verging towards the slightly rancid meat that a big sherry cask can give you.
Comment: I am not sure about this dram - I think it has slightly flawed "rancid" meat type sulphury notes but i don't mind them at all - it also has huge body and character - the sherry has perhaps dominated but you can still make out Glenrothes shouting behind the background.
All in all a good whisky but for a 6yo its a great whisky! (but only if you like sherry!)
Score: 87/100

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