Sunday, July 24, 2005

Tamnavulin 30 Year Old Stillmans Dram

I got the opportunity to try this the other day - it was voted best limirted edition cask strength or something like that at IWSC. I had to try it cause it reminded me of the Tamnavulin Club literature which advertised the Tamnavulin and Bruichladdich stillman drams as being at "NEAR" natural colour now can you imagine sitting round a meeting for the brochure and saying ok what will we say about the colour - "lovely golden colour" no - " or "will we not say anything" - or I know we will tell people that we add caramel colouring!!! but only a little.

Anyway here is my tasting notes:

Nose: Dry fresh and citrusy with a creamy background. Toffeeish.
Taste: Fruits and cream, drying and very easy to drink. Very Sweet.
Finish: Fairly soft and to be honest fairly soft and cirtusy.
Comment: Good but nothing exceptional maybe I am looking for it but think I can detect caramel. Anyway a decent dram but nothing to go over the top about.
Score: 82/100 Nae bad

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