Sunday, July 31, 2005

Girvan Grain 1964

Got a chance to try this rare grain was really looking forward to it as I have tried a few grains of late that have been stunners - was a wee bit surprised to see this on the go as the bottling that I tried from was bottled in October 2001 and was bottled at 48%.

Nose: Sweet bannanas and cream, fudgey. Crushed buttered digestives.

Taste: Huge creaminess and quite bourbon like, fudgey again and slightlt bitter.

Finish: Lingering creaminess, slightly bitter again in the finish, I like this but a little one dimensional but in a good way!

Comment: I like it but surprised there is still some left I think that this has been well over priced at £240.00 a bottle there are better grains available for a lot less money. Good but would recommend checking out Duncan Taylor's Grains - some tasting notes of those to come shortly.

Score: 88/100

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