Monday, June 27, 2005

Glenfiddich 12yo

Glenfiddich 12yo Posted by Hello

I came across a mini of Glenfiddich 12yo that I have had lying around on my desk for several months now and thought hang on I'll give it a try tonight. Generally speaking Glenfiddich doesnt get much recognition as a single malt amongst "Connoisseur " - God I hate that word, but I will give it a go very open mindedly, I am one of those people who actually have a lot of time for Glenfiddich if it weren't for them would we have all of the great single malts we have today.

Here goes:

Nose: Light, grassy and a little bit malty, definate dry grassy with perhaps a faint hint of peppermint.
Taste: Dryness comes through, along with sweet grassy malty notes. Hint of citrus but in a slightly sour way.
Finish: Slightly sour, but not unpleasant, fairly short length nothing too complex.
Comment: Overall a descent malt, can see why it sells so well, easy enough to drink but with very little complexities to it. A decent session malt I think that this is a lot better than the old non-age statement malt - an everyday drinker but not for me everyday but for those with less access a good entry level malt.

It is when writing this that it made me laugh just how different this site is to the site that inspired me where as I am tasting Glenfiddich 12yo and the likes Serge is on Bruichladdich 1970, Bunnahabhain 1977 and Longmorn 1964. Fair play to him I can only live in hope.
Score: 80/100

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