Monday, June 13, 2005


Diageo have anounced that they are to go into cahoots with Pernod in the Allied purchase in a deal which would see Diageo get Bushmills off of Pernod. The whole slicing and dicing of Allied is begining to look very convienent for all involved. Although obviously they wouldn't really all be wanting to work together a lot of it does make sense. Diageo get Bushmills completing there set as they currently do not have any Irish influence and Pernod complete there whisky category buy getting an Islay in Laphroaig. Pernod will still be by far the biggest player in the Irish market with Jamesons accounting for three quarters of all Irish Whiskey Sales.

To be honest once the slicing and dicing is finished I wouldn't be suprised if Fortune brands get back into whisky by picking up the odd distillery that Diageo and Pernod can't be bothered with.


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