Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Glann ar Mor - New Celtic Distillery

Yesterday It was the turn of the Pakastanis and today its the turn of the French. It turns out that the first spirit ran from Glann ar Mor distillery in Brittany on Sunday at 17:05. The distillery is the theresult of a lot of hard work from Jean Donnay who has given us some cracking whiskies through his Celtic Whisky Compagnie - several sauternes finished whiskies and I remember a particularly good vatted Islay. There website http://www.celtic-whisky.com is worth a look. This just shows how the whisky boom is taking off with whisky being produced in a variety of places such as in Belgium where they have the Whisky Pur.e which is just new make spirit with a some caramel in it at the moment but a whisky that may be of some worth in say 5 - 15 years time.
Worm Tub at Glann ar Mor Posted by Hello

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