Saturday, May 28, 2005

Old Potrero Essay 8-rw-arm-8-b

Have had this bottle for a couple of years but decided to open it today! Always a difficult decision as to when to open a bottle but I thought that I would watch the cup final with a dram! Anyway this id a cracking whisky you can tell its young - 3yo by the label can you imagine a single malt putting 3yo on the label - but wow what a dram.

Nose: Very sweet, wow the rye comes through big style! Like crushed digestive biscuits with lots of butter on it! yum
Flavour: Sweet, lots of richness, a little bit of sweet perfume but in a good way, wow rye coming through full on biscuity!! yum yum yum!!
Finish: very much like melted butter! I like this a lot, a spicy finish that lasts and lasts!
Comments: Wow wow wow at 62.1% this is huge! but the alcohol doesnt over power!

Normally not a huge fan of American whisky - but this is great - love it heaps! Have to say was inspired to try this by martin roberts a good lad but this is a great whisky.

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