Thursday, May 12, 2005

Magnetic Aging!!!

I saw a link to this website today http:// what an amazing product !!! Not! Imagine if it can mature a glass of spirit by ten years in ten seconds imagine what a super dooper set of magnets could do if the surrounded a cask. Whisky would be come like vodka in that you could distill it in the morning, sell it in the afternoon and drink it in the evening - only to vomit it up again in the morning!!This reminds me of a story that i heard about a year or two ago about a bunch of German scientists who said that they had developed the perfect whisky powder. All you had to do was add water - give it a stir and hey presto you have instant aged malt whisky. All accounts that I have heard that it was pretty dodgy!!I'm all for modern technology - hey I'm even writing this blog thingy in the hope that some one will read it but when it comes to whisky well I think that its great that we don't know everything and like things to be done in the more traditional manner.

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