Thursday, May 12, 2005

Doctor Prescribes Whisky - Foo Fighters Star Saved by Whisky

Well at a time where all the papers are going mad because of Dr Jim Swans claims that whisky can prevent cancer (although cancer research etc - completely deny that there is any scientific evidence) I found it very "Rock and Roll" that Dave Grohl states that he was prescribed whisky by his doctor. This was in order to save his throat for Radio ones big weekend in Sunderland. By all accounts the Foo Fighters (fronted by Grohl) set was a huge success especially there performance of monkey wrench (thats wrench not Monkey Shoulder as in William Grants new Vatted Malt).

What I want to know is where can you find a Doctor that will prescribe you whisky, and would you have a choice of what whisky you are prescribed or would it depend on what it is being described for. Perhaps a slight cold a nice gentle Rosebank, A chesty cough something like a Brora and for anything really serious some new make Ardbeg!!

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