Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Duncan Taylor Invergordon 1965 Cask 15532 52.7%

I love old grain whiskies so was delighted to get a chance to try this ancient (43yo) Invergordon. Plus I have been writing to much rubbish on here and not trying enough whiskies!

Nose: Big rich and oily, lots of caramel and buttery notes. Big vanilla and a touch of spice. A rather moreish nose. Some dried bananas emerge along with brown sugar.

Taste: Equally big in the mouth, but also very rounded and chewy, wow this really is chewy, some creamy notes and some floral type notes. Freshly butter toast with lashings of golden syrup on it. There is some a sweeter manufactured taste like Irn Bru bars (A Scottish Treat to rot your teeth but so good!)*

Finish: There could be a touch of salt in the finish (or maybe I am mad!) warm leather and a little bit of nutmeg.

Comment: Wow wow wow this is stunning one of the best whiskies I have tasted in a long time. Doesn't taste 52.7%. Not just a great grain whisky but a great whisky overall.

Score 95/100

Price Check

This is a fairly new bottling as this is the only place I could find it on the net.

* Whilst looking for a picture of Irn Bru bars I discovered they have now been rebranded as Wham Brew Bars - this is surely an attempt to stamp down on Scottish Identity - I think a facebook group may need to be started in protest!


butephoto said...

We recently had a single grain tasting on my forum where we tried a variety of grains. They definitely age very well and some were over 40 years old. Speaking of Invergordon, we had a Bladnoch forum bottling of this to try. This is the second time I have tried it and it is absolutely superb. Unfortunately it's all sold out now. But bottlers need to bottle more grains, in my opinion. Especially in these times as a good grain can cost a tenth of the price of a similar aged malt.

Lou said...

If you enjoy rare whiskies, you might be pleased to hear that Whyte and Mackay has now launched www.rareandprestige.co.uk, bringing its Rare and Prestige collection (seven very individual whiskies)to the digital audience.

The website, presented by Whyte and Mackay’s master blender Richard Paterson can educate even the most novice of whisky drinkers on the eclectic world of the Rare and Prestige whiskies and is a great place to start if you want to know what’s happening in the whisky world

The website allows you to share Paterson’s professional and personal passion through his knowledge of the Dalmore 50 year old ‘sleeping beauty, Isle of Jura 40 ‘1966 and all that’, ‘Whyte and Mackay Original 40 ‘what memories are made of’, Dalmore 1973 ‘vintage stuff’, Dalmore 40 ‘the alchemy of good stuff’, Dalmore 1974 ‘aging beautifully’ and Jura 1974 ‘the light fantastic’.

The website also includes tasting notes which will have you drooling over the host of distinctive tastes that create each Rare and Prestige whisky.

Quite a fun website to navigate around!

Scotch Corner said...

Wham bars were something different... I remember having them as a kid as well as Irn Bru bars!

Great notes, thanks!

Anonymous said...

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