Friday, January 23, 2009

BenRiach 1998 Triple Distilled

I know I haven't been here for ages but nevermind I will try harder. I found this interesting bottle of Benriach triple distilled and thought I would give it a try. As far as I am aware this cask was exclusive to Japan.

Cask 78622 and 58.0% !

Nose: Smells a little bit spirity on the nose but it is strong and 8yo. There is a strong sherry note? Christmas cake overloaded with marzipan. With water nose is more marzipan and a bit of raisans and sultanas.

Taste: Again intially young alcohol, but quite a big sherried richness like the sherry is overpowering. Warm balloons covered in toffee sauce - yes I know its a stupid tasting note! Water brings out a note of licking batteries and warm brown sugar.

Finish: pretty short - and a little dry?

Comment: I kind of like this but it seems a bit thin. An experience, yes - but one I want to do again - I dont know. Just tastes a bot young and unbalanced
Score: 79/100

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