Monday, August 04, 2008

Macallan Estate Eco-Friendly Whisky - Not!!

The Macallan has just launched a whisky proving how environmentally conscious they are with their new Estate Oak bottling. For Each bottle of the whisky sold an oak tree will be planted at the Macallan Estate to help the environment. Also the whisky does not come in wasteful packaging but instead comes just in the bottle with labels being certified by the Forest Stewardship Council what ever that means.

Now I must applaud Macallan for what they are trying to do here - after all we must all take responsibility for the future of the planet. However it is a bit hypocritical really from the company that brought us the elaborately overly packaged Lalique decanters!

The really daft point about this environmentally friendly whisky is that it is a world duty free exclusive so the only way that you can get it is by travelling on an aeroplane! Thank god it's environmentally friendly then eh!

Their quote from their press release is a cracker!

“We anticipate it will be a huge success with people wanting to make a difference to the environment,” said William Ovens, The Edrington Group’s global travel retail area director.

On another point linked to this Macallan had previously sold there Woodland Reserve bottlings where by you could buy a bottle and have a tree planted at Macallan with your name on a plaque. Having visited Macallan recently I noticed that probably around a quarter of these trees were dead, so is this new initiative just away of getting more pr for trees that you are having to buy anyway to replace the last lot that died?

Just a thought!


Dr. Whisky said...

Ha. They are desperate to plant trees just to cover up the eyesore warehouses they recently built/are building in the hills above Craigallachie. Nasty.

whiskey for sale said...

Good on them for going ahead with this, would be good to see other ditillaries follow suit.

the design of the bottle is rather classy too.