Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Glenmorangie Nectar D'or 46%

I thought that this might be an interesting one as I have already reviewed this one so having had this one as my fifth whisky of the evening I thought it might be interesting to see how my notes compared from my original notes til this new one. I was quite pleased by the results as I gave it the same score and several key notes were similar. So here goes take two.

Nose: Lots of lemon, someone said bacon and actually I get it! Fruit loaf and highland toffee, the fruit loaf has lots of butter on it.

Taste: Difficult to pick anything out beyond the sweetness, syrupy and a good bit of spice coming through.

Finish: Dry soft and then spice comes through.

Comment: I like this but the taste is not as good as the nose suggests and the dryness lets it down.

Score 81/100

I was well impressed with myself that these were similar but for a decent review check whisky fun or Dr Whisky.
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