Monday, February 04, 2008

Sierra Nevada Summerfest 2007

When I posted my musings on the Sierra Nevada Pale Ale someone left a comment saying I should try the Summerfest - alas they thought I would have to wait until summer as did I - however I spotted this tonight in Tesco so had to buy it. Admittedly it is Summer 2007 and not this year - you don't need to be a genius to figure that out as it is flamming freezing here!

Anyway this 5.0% traditional lager is bottom fermented which means it is fermented at lower temperatures with as little air contact as possible and then cold stored for as long as possible. As Sierra Nevada seem to be a very traditional company I would imagine that this would be nearer to the traditional six months than the mass produced 6 weeks of some companies. Ok this is all new to me - I am learning as I go - so bear with me!

Anyway I have chilled my beer as instructed by beer pages so lets see what its like:

First of all an excellent head on it - soft hoppy style - very soft and refreshing but with a zingy bite (in a good way) on the finish also some lemony notes. Overall I like this and look forward to a day when I can drink this in the sun! Prefer the Pale Ale but thats just my personal taste.

Nice beer though!

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