Monday, February 04, 2008

Balvenie Sherryoak 17yo 43%

Since I saw that this was getting released I wanted to try it and now I can. This is an unusual release from Balvenie having been entirely matured in Sherry casks for 17 year in warehouse 21. They don't tell you why the warehouse 21 bit is important but they put it on the label! Anyway I thought this would be a fairly readily available release but Royal Mile Whiskies have sold out of it so maybe I have got lucky. Although the label does also say first release so maybe there will be more!

Nose: Wow, big smack in the face of sherry cask (well what do you expect) but "good" sherry cask nose - rummy creamy and sweet.

Taste: Big but not to big (medium big I would imagine that is then!) Lots of heavy fruity notes, quite creamy - dairy milk chocolate and raisans.

Finish: Long lingering creamy caramel and toffee with heavy dark fruits.

Comment: I like this a lot - maybe not enough to pay £59.00 for another bottle - extremely well balanced which almost goes against it as it is a little too integrated making it very easy to drink. (what rubbish I speak at times!).

Score: 89/100

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