Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Glen Grant 1972 Cask 1641 53.5%

Was having a look at this blog last night and while looking at two of my favourite sites Whisky Fun and Dr Whisky (first checks every morning) I had to think what an amature at this I am. I haven't added a whisky for months and all my stuff is fairly standard. What I makes me think there sites are even more amazing is how the hell do they get to try all this whisky. Don't get me wrong I try a lot of whiskies but am not always able to take notes etc no way I would be able to seriously do over 200 whiskies in a year like these guys do!

Any way I thought I would try and put things right by starting with a 1972 Glen Grant Cask from Duncan Taylor so here goes:

Nose: Sweet, lots of vanilla a touch of spice, really creamy with pepper notes and maybe some pineapples! Cracking Nose!

Taste: Big coating mouth feel and initially spice comes through warming the mouth, some lime and and then creaminess coming through and maybe a touch drying

Finish: linger spice a touch of oak and then some of the zesty lime and some lemon coming through and maybe god forbid a salty note!

Comment: This is bloody stunning - I would definitely recommend this. If that slight dryness wasn't there then this really would be really really top drawer. Try it!

Score 89/100

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Dr. Whisky said...

Hey mate, we read you too. You are always welcome to come help me get through these whiskies! Btw, your link to WhiskyFun is bum.