Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The Drammies - Atacked by Dodgy Voting

Just saw today on Kevin's Scotchblog that one of the "very large producer of alcohol or from the domain of a small marketing firm - that does work for a large producer of alcohol." has tried to rig the vote of the Drammies. Please make sure you vote in The Major Whisky awards.

Anyway which company could it be? We have already been told that it was not Bruichladdich so lets see who else has been nominated:

So the nominees are:

The Edrington Group
William Grant and Sons - (I think The Knot is done by them?)
Makers Mark
Gordon & MacPhail
Burn Stewart
Kittling Ridge Wine and Whiskies
Pernod Ricard
Dewar Rattary
Duncan Taylor
Single Malts of Scotland
Compass box
Stranahans Colorado Whisky

So lets look at the ones who are "Very large" That would leave

Pernod Ricard
William Grants
The Edrington Group

Place your bets now? Cheeky buggers who ever they are? Doubt it would be The Edrington Group or William Grants and would doubt Pernod Ricard would care (no disrespect Kevin) so my horses would be Diageo or LVMH but then again I could be wrong!

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Kevin Erskine said...

No offense taken :).
I left a clue in the comments.