Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Upper Ten Finest Blended 40%

I saw this blend reviewed on the excellent Dr Whisky blog and so when I saw a bottle I thought that I should give it a try. This is produced by a Norwegian company Arcus and seemingly sells fairly well in Norway.
Anyway enough of the rambling lets taste it.
Nose: Slightly solventy, lots of creamy notes a little bit like emulsion (if I had to choose a colour I would say magnolia!), and a hint of perfumed smoke.
Taste: Initially dry and the young grain element does come through but in a good way - not fiery at all. After this some of the phenols start to develop but is faint and not "rich distinctive" peat as is described on the label. Also some sweeter creamier butter notes.
Finish: Fairly short but then a hint of scented candles in the finish.
Comment: Overall descent enough if anything a little thin on the palate but pleasantly drinkable - a decent session whisky.
Score: 78/100


Anonymous said...

Do you live in Scandanavia? Is this stuff available in other markets? Sounds pretty good!

Christine Bush said...

Upper Ten is featured prominently in first part of Per Petterson's novel "I Curse The River of Time", set in Norway.