Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Ballie Nicol Jarvie Blend 40%

Always seemed to think that this whisky was an 8 year old but on closer inspection of the bottle it appears that is an non-age statement blend. This blend has always had a great reputation so I look forward to trying it again properly - would say it has been about three years since I tried this poured over some haggis and I enjoyed it then so lets see how it goes this time:
Nose: A little dry and grain like initially. Vanilla and a touch of mint and a wee bit of fennel!
Taste: Quite dry and lots of maltiness, touch of bourbon biscuits and then the grain develops.
Finish: Finish is fairly short and quite fresh but then the dryness of the grain comes through which is the only real off note about this whisky.
Comment: A good blend indeed, although that little dry bittiness just takes the edge off of it being a classic whisky. Would say that for at around £16.00 a bottle its as good as you will get for the money.
Score: 83/100

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