Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Adelphi Mortlach 1990 Cask 5947 57.5%

Adelphi are one of the most highly consistent bottlers - along with a few others - and Mortlach (like Caol Ila) is one of the most consistent whiskies so this should be a bute! Well lets see:

Nose: Big sherry, slightly bitter, some sweetness too. Pink marshmallows and cloves. Water gives hints of Rhubarb.
Taste: Dry oranges and lemons? Some heavier notes though and initial alcohol is a little spicy. Very coating of the mouth though, and with a little lavender (but in a good way not an FWP Bowmore way!) With water more of the sherried notes come out.
Finish: Big lingering sweet dark fruit notes but actually very drying.
Comment: Difficult one this need to try again at some point - I really like it but the alcohol at full strength dominates a little too much. But a splash of water opens it up superbly.
Score: 89/100
For Adelphi's notes please visit As these are done by the Great Charlie Maclean and Alex Bruce they are a lot better than mine - and posher what is bosky?
If that sounds disrespectful it is not - these are two of the greatest guys in the industry.

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