Saturday, June 23, 2007

Linkwood 15yo G&M 43%

Linkwood has always been a cracking dram but often either underrated or not widely available other than through the F&F bottling or from G&M good to see that they bottled this higher than at 40% going with 43 but wouldn't it have been nice to see this at 46%.

Anyway enough of my spiel - lets taste it:

Nose: Rich, with a warm caramel and appley nose with a touch of citrus

Taste: Dusty, touch woody and a little bit dry. Trying to be fruity but a little bit dull. maybe a hint of woody oranges!

Finish: Dryness continues to last and then a faint orangey note

Comment: Decent enough whisky but nothing short of unremarkable. Non memorable whisky not great and not crap! Well not too crap just dull and disappointing.

Score: 78 / 100

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