Sunday, December 10, 2006

Shetland Finishing

Muckle Flugga

See the latest from the marketing company (sorry whisky company) Blackwood Distillers, The are going to take 12 casks of whisky and mature them from now until spring on Unst - Shetland Finished

Ok they are putting this in new french oak casks as well but "wintering" it in Shetland is that really going to cause much difference. What will be next - you have to think that they will spend about 36 hourss on a boat going back and forth to shetland so will it also be a P&O finish?
Where else could this go they are stating that there will be matured in 10 different locations on Shetland will that mean that they will bottle 10 different editions?
Would love to see Shetland Whisky flourish but unfortunately I can only really see this idea as one straight from the marketing school.

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