Sunday, December 03, 2006

Pot Noodle and Port Ellen

Sometimes we just want to kick back forget about the world and have a simple drink. Normally I steer clear of ice! Fecking numbs the flavours – interestingly JW gold label was recently written about in a newspaper, as the best way to drink it was to stick it in the freezer over night!

Anyway as I ramble on sometimes I do like to keep things simple so tonight I filled a tumbler with ice and filled it up with a decent glug of Woodford’s reserve one of my favourite American whiskies. What a great way to unwind. What I am trying to say here is that although we can enjoy the so called finer things in life – what is there to stop us liking things that are frowned upon by the high and mighty of society.

Glenfiddich is a classic example of this, Glenfiddich is a good everyday drinking whisky and it has some bloody good example – 15yo Solera is a cracker although I wish it would be bottled at cask strength – if you can ever get to the distillery and drink it straight from the Solera vat. Anyway as this is the best selling malt whisky in the world people knock it, “oh that crap” and other lesser printable quotations – well to hell with if people like it then so what – let them drink what they want rather than be lead by what someone else’s opinions to drink a whisky that they don’t enjoy.

No disrespect to the great whisky writer such as Jackson, MacLean and Murray but just because they give something 6 million point and something else 3 points doesn’t mean you should shy away from drinking something that you like just because that’s the case. Nor does it mean that you can not appreciate quality when you see it. Just because I like Pot Noodles – particularly the Nice and Spicy ones (89 points) as opposed to the new limited edition fajita flavour (83 points) – doesn’t mean that I can’t appreciate a good Port Ellen or for that point spot a bad Port Ellen – as much as this is a cult whisky there is a lot of crap Port Ellen on the go – there is however a lot more exceedingly good Port Ellen on the go though.
Reminds me of a time when I fell in love in a bar in Sweden – how often do stories start out like that I wonder. Anyway I was in a bar in Sweden drinking Port Ellen and chatting to the barmaid and she recommended a particularly Belgian beer worked particularly well with the particular Port Ellen I was drink – and low and behold it worked perfectly – and with that I asked the stunning barmaid to marry me. Ok I would have done if she hadn’t just introduced me to her boyfriend. Still wish I could remember what the beer was!

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