Monday, July 13, 2009

Speyburn 10yo 40%

Two posts in a day! I must lie down!!! Speyburn is a stunning distillery nestled in the valley just out side the not so pretty combination plant in the village of Rothes, so how does the whisky stand up!

Nose: Hard boiled sweets - old fashioned ones! Green apples. Touches of lemon and flour?

Taste: Fairly thin, dried apricots and a little hot.

Finish: A touch of spice, not really much else.

Comment: Sorry but pretty average. I have tried some older Speyburns that I like but nothing about this really appeals to me!

Score: 75/100


Anonymous said...

Absolutely agree with you on this one. Totally underwhelming.

Elliot Konicki said...

But the price point is a big plus for Speyburn. $20 for a decent single malt beats any blend in my book. Cheap blends that is.