Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Japan Strikes a Blow to Scotch

I have always been a huge fan of Japanese whisky and have to say it was no huge suprise to see that a Japanese whisky was voted best whisky of the year in whisky magazines recent blind tasting. However I was a little surprised that it was Yoichi 20yo a cracking dram but probably not one of my favourites. I have to say some of my favourites have been from Hanyu and Yamazaki.

But after congratulating Yoichi and trying not to take anything away from them Awards like these to say best whisky in the world is a bold statement. Whisky is a personal thing and each of us like different things. I know it was an excellent panel that picked this whisky as top dog but one other thing you have to think? This was maybe the top whisky in the competition but how many whiskies were tasted?

Food for thought - and just in case you think I am being anti Yoichi I am not and will have a dram or two tonight when I get in!


Japanese whisky blog said...

I suppose it is always a big call to say any single whisky is the "best". Bit of a fools errand. But sells magazines and whisky, I suppose. And helps educate people about recent changes in what is out ther, to be a little less cynical about it.

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