Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Hirsch 1974 16yo Bourbon

A classic potstill bourbon from Pennsylvania and one that is becoming extremely rare. This is a 16yo bottling which was distilled in 1974 and is from some of the last stocks from the original Michter's distillery which closed in the early 80's. Anyway this was the first bourbon to gain 5 stars from Paul Pacult so lets see it:
Nose: Butter melted over digestives with a touch of cheesecake!
Taste: Wow stunning taste rich and rounded with lots of vanilla and a touch of rich red fruits - more digestive notes as well! Very very difficult to describe - but stunning. Strawberry and cream sweeties that don't taste like strawberries and cream!
Finish: Lingering sweetness, without being clawing - would say that this tastes "understrength" but in a good way not the 45.8% that it is.
Comment: Very difficult to describe - but wow this is good and scarily drinkable - at anytime!
Score: 93/100 - For me one of the best whiskies of any denomination! Scotch, Irish, American, Japanese etc etc not just a great Bourbon!

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