Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Highland Park 1967 Half and Half Cask

An article from todays Thee Drinks Business Newsletter

"Something unique for single malt collectors: Highland Park has bottled half of a single cask from 1967, with plans to bottle the remainder at the end of the year. By early next year, therefore, a 38 and a 39 year old bottling of the same single cask will be available. In addition, this is the oldest exceptional cask ever bottled by Highland Park. Each bottling consists of just 200 bottles."

So for this I imagine they will be charging a pretty penny, if recent official bottlings are of old whisky are anything to go by. So an interesting concept bottling the same cask twice so that people have to buy both bottle to see if that extra 6 months makes any difference. Will be interesting to see how they manage to get 400 bottles from a cask, after all those years I imagine the angels would have had more than there fair share. Most other bottlings of 1966 (Older than this oldest bottling!) and 1967 from the likes of Signatory, Duncan Taylor and The Whisky Exchange yielded only around 138-227 bottles from the whole casks. Maybe they were wrapped in clingfilm!

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