Sunday, October 29, 2006

Whisky Prices To Go Up

Reports are that whisky prices are set to rise by around a £1 a bottle with some companies estimating a 10% increase in prices - maybe that will stop Tesco from selling whisky at £6.86 per bottle! They claim that the demand in China has caused the demand for whisky to far out strip the supply.

On top of the whisky industry putting there prices up - the department of health are wanting to put the tax on alcohol up to stop binge drinking - surely though if they are to do this putting the tax up on whisky would only affect us whisky drinkers and not your wee ned drinking his alcopops on a Friday night down the local park.

Hopefully the chancellor will see sence and not put the duty on spirits up in the next budget something which could only be bad for the whisky industry.

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